Rise of the 13th Age

Session 3

The party arrived in Highburn, and immediately split up. Bartholomew took Darshee to the local temple to begin praying for redemption, while the rest of the group made their way toMayor Songsteel’s office to collect their reward. Mayor Songsteel requested evidence of the party completing their quest. The party had failed to collect any, but directed the mayor toward the temple where she could find Darshee and Bartholomew. Mung Bean questioned the availability of demonic texts, alluding to Darshee’s attempted pact with the Diabolist. As Mayor Songsteel realized the implications, she dispatched the town’s guard captain to arrest Darshee. The mayor then requested that the party meet with her the following day just before noon to discuss terms for an investigation into Darshee’s source for the material. They left the mayor’s office to spend their earnings in the local tavern. While this happened, the guard captain appeared at the temple with a squad of men, intent on arrest Darshee. Bartholomew managed to talk them down into waiting for the morning so that Darshee could continue to pray for redemption, his argument bolstered by the sanctuary offered by the temple.
However, when word reached the rest of the party, they only understood that the temple was surrounded by guards, and so they left to rescue Bartholomew, even if Mung Bean was only partially armored and completely unarmed. They attempted to bluff their way past the guards, only to scare them into alert. Once the bluff failed, a slightly tipsy Mung Bean barged past the guards, sending up an alarm. The rest of the party rushed after her, storming the temple doors and smashing them aside, only to meet an utterly confused and infuriated Bartholomew. The guards, respecting the sanctuary granted by the temple, merely called out for the perpetrators, meaning the party, to surrender themselves.
In the dark, however, the party saw two figures approaching, one male; the other female. As the distance closed, they recognized a furious Mayor Songsteel and a rather gleeful captain of the guards. The captain held his position at the base of the temple stairs as the mayor entered the temple. With a thus unwitnessed fury, Songsteel began to berate the ignorant party, with Mung Bean bluffing that she had previously witnessed a trap door leading out of the temple into a secret tunnel that ran all the way to Anvil. The mayor appeared to believe the story and moved the meeting up to dawn. Mung Bean’s bluff became reality, as just behind the main altar of the temple lay a series of newer floor boards, indicating a covered up exit. As Mung Bean began to suggest exploring the tunnels by pulling up the floor boards, the already infuriated Bartholomew protested. They had already turned a situation that was under control into one that would require hours or days of penance! Now they wanted to further destroy the temple? Preposterous! As the conversation heated up, Bartholomew’s eyes began to glow, and an aura formed around him. Curious, Mung Bean took Holden’s great sword and swung at the trap door, causing Bartholomew to lose control completely. Bartholomew’s fury was focused solely on Mung Bean as the instigator of the fight. Iconic energy dueled with divine energy as the party tore itself apart. Bartholomew’s new strength stunned the party, but they managed to subdue him by restricting his airflow via rope just in time for the guards to arrive. The party surrendered themselves and were thrown in jail whilst Bartholomew was taken to the healing chambers of the temple.
The following morning, the party was awoken with splashes of cold water and trotted out to the mayor’s palace, with the whole town watching. Bartholomew awoke in the temple, greatly embarrassed and ashamed of his actions and rushed to meet with the mayor as well. Once again reassembled, the mayor lividly explained the party must face consequences for their actions. Mung Bean attempted to talk their way out of the situation, managing only to awkwardly flirt with the mayor and guard captain. Jimmy attempted to conduct damage control, only to break down into tears and vomit on himself. Stunned, the mayor could only stare. She managed to collect herself, and issue the party’s sentence: the party would pay a 250 gp fine, conduct the search for the Diabolist’s agents in the town for free, much to Mung Bean’s chagrin, and upon completion of the investigation escort Darshee to her punishment of 20 years in a monastery.

Session 2

The party trekked south to the second location provided by Mayor Songsteel. They discovered a ritual in progress, with Darshee Jarona in the center, tied up and towered over by an orc shaman. Mung Bean attempted to distract the shaman, while the party surrounded the site. However, Jimmy Brimstone ruined the ambush after climbing into a tree which subsequently fell on him. Thus began an epic battle, during which our heroes drew upon numerous icon relationships. They were able to prevent the completion of the ritual, and the sacrifice of Darshee, but the shaman managed to summon an imp, albeit in a weakened state, anyways. The imp quickly realized that the battle had already been won by the adventurers, and begged for its life, offering information to Jimmy about his father. The team accepted the deal, learning that Jimmy’s father was involved in the Wintercrest Massacre. Our heroes quickly decided to renege on their promise to allow the imp to live, and it was split in two by Sarloc’s axe. Darshees begged for forgiveness from Bartholomew, as apparently she had attempted to make a contract with the Diabolist to seek revenge on Highburn for her failing business. The team reflected on their experiences as they made their way back to Highburn.

Session 1
The Adventure Begins

On a warm spring day, five adventurers, Bartholomew the Holy , Holden, Jimmy Brimstone, Mung Bean, and Sarloc, found themselves in a marketplace in the town of Highburn. Different paths had brought them here, whether they were seeking fortune or redemption, answers or peace of mind, or running from their pasts. The town was suddenly beset by goblins and orcs touched with a demonic taint. The adventurers were able to defeat the attackers, though not without some difficulty. Following the battle, Mayor Songsteel came across the party, sword drawn and flanked by guards after her own fights, and, recognizing their prowess in battle, asked them to join her at sundown at her office. The office was littered with an eclectic mix of prizes, most notably, a furniture set that featured legs that ended in eagle claws whose talons tapped nearly incessantly. Mayor Songsteel tasked the party with finding an elf named Darshee Jarona who was captured by the goblins. After a series of tense negotiations, the party was given 50 gp with a promise of 50 more upon their return. They were given two possible locations for the attack. The first was a clearing to the east in the Bitterwood. The second, a cave series slightly to the north of that. Following a night of preparation, and partying… Well, mostly partying that included ale, hallucinogenic tea, and a porcupine on a leash. The following morning, the adventurers trekked to the caves and encountered a small number of fungaloids, but send them packing after a brief skirmish. After the combat, Holden was drawn to a small subterranean creek, where he found the Wand of the Bloodless Mage, a cursed item. The party took some time to catch it’s breath, then continued its journey to the clearings to their south.


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